Saturday, September 26, 2015

the parking lot of the safe shop next to the coffee house. sometimes i post stuff to this blog because i'm about to post it to reddit.

Monday, September 21, 2015

what was danny's dancer name? todd, that's it. here with playwright del shores.
del somebody anyway.

i'm not sure who's inside that shirt. maybe steve harcourt? did not work at the club.

i could not find the video of this scene online anymore. i have it somewhere on one of my broken computers that i'll have to take to the shop and recover data.

my friend kc is off to see the pope this week, then he might move into our house.

                                                                bad joe keel

i'm not finding as many pics of guys from the club as a i thought i would but here's a few.
collin, joey, lane, riley, justyn, kyler.

found a few more. caleb, caleb's boyfriend whose name i forget, malcolm, and brogan.

one guy i met on myspace then had sex with years later, and a few guys from the club i have not had sex with. danny's dead, he stopped taking his meds and died in his sleep. dunno what jake blade is up to lately. collin charges $400 for all night so i'm saving up.

i'm not sure why hits on this blog have trailed off to nothing. i may have offended the google search engines in some way. anyway i found some old myspace photos today so i'll post a few of those below. meanwhile, moot sold 4chan to the founder of 2chan, and here's my kitchen table - i'm living out of a hotel this week while on the road for work.